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A.U.S. Insurance Broker CO., LTD, We are most trust insurance broker in Thailand with the best premium insurance and our customer, as many hospital in Thailand, Logistic, Car insurance, Land and marine transportation including property and building with our acceptance from our customer. Be sure to get the best services and quality from us. .

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Car Insurance

Car Insurance used for coverage from damage from motor. Coverage damage with insurance policy can help you control the cost when have car accident.

Marine Insurance

Marine or Transport insurance mean to coverage the damage to vehicle, property or product in time of transportation and can be extent coverage to land, water or air insurance.

Property Insurance

Property insurance for coverage to assets, house or building by coverage the damage as by policy such as fire and water which is very important to reduce the cost from unexpected disaster.

Health Insurance

Health insurance was very important for everyone to prevent the cost from unexpected disease and very expensive medical cost. Health insurance is the must have insurance for everyone.


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